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    The evolution of DDR SDRAM

    During the 90s, there was a sudden shift in the PC market towards the Athlon and Duron, Duron can be attributed to AMD's lower costs when compared to its primary competitor, Intel. The Pentium III processor which Intel had on the market at the time of this shift in market share did not appear as leading-edge as the Athlon or the Duron. In recent reviews on the web, as well as in the traditional printed medium, the Intel Pentium III and the Celeron processors were found to be slower in certain benchmarks (when compared alongside the same MHz clocked AMD Athlon and its lesser priced Duron). With these encouraging reviews and strong performance showings, along with the quick acceptance towards its cpu's from the buying public in a matter of months, AMD was able to gain a very strong following with its processors. This shift was attributed primarily to its aggressively priced products and its very strong performance.

    Another reason for Intel's slip in the PC market can be attributed to its own insistence in pushing the technology envelope unto its consumers. This happened whether the customer was willing to accept the latest advancements or not. Mainly this revolved around a deal Intel had signed with Rambus Ram so that would develop its chipsets and processors to work alongside Rambus Ram technology exclusively. This new partnership encountered a few major setbacks. First there was resistance by the general buying public and small businesses due to Rambus's extremely high memory costs. Another incident which really hurt Intel's future share of the marketplace was their i820 chipset. This chipset which was originally developed to support only RDRAM (Rambus RAM), was found to have a bug in its design when matched with an MTH (Memory Translation Hub), that allowed the use of SDRAM, which would ultimately cause serious data corruption or loss in certain circumstances.

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DDR3 is the next-generation, high-performance solution for CPU systems. DDR3 memory are twice as fast as today's highest speed DDR2 memory products. Select your DDR3 Memory from the following.

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4GB DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 204PIN Laptop Memory SODIMM

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2GB DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 240PIN Desktop Memory DIMM

4GB DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 240PIN Desktop Memory DIMM

4GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 240PIN Desktop Memory DIMM

4GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 240PIN ECC Server Memory DIMM


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