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    How Much Memory Do I Need ?

    The answer really depends on how much and for what your system is used. Upgrading is easy and cost effective. RAM is used every time you open an application, download, play a game or simply turn on your computer. Additionally if you work with or plan to work with digital audio and video more ram is a necessity.

    Novice User / Administrative
    If you use your computer to send and receive email, do a little word processing, and are starting to surf the Web, you can get by with 64MB. However, you would benefit from going to at least 128MB of memory.

    Basic User
    If you are spending more time surfing the internet, sending and receiving email, and doing word processing along with other applications, you can get by with 128MB, but would benefit from going to 256MB.

    Professional / Feel the need for Speed!
    If you are running multiple business applications, want to play the newer video games and/or work with graphics, you can get by with 256MB, but your computer speed would benefit greatly by having 512MB.

    Advanced Professional
    If you work with high-end graphics, CAD software, digital images, or video, you can get by with 256MB, but would benefit greatly by installing 512MB of memory or more. Right now our 512MB memory modules are available at incredibly low prices.

    Graphics Design Professional
    If you are, or plan to be, a professional graphics designer, use CAD or modeling software, digital images or video, you can get by with 512MB, but would benefit from going to 1GB of memory or more.

    Gaming rig??

    Ahhhh. Here's the point of all this tech talk. For a gaming rig, how much is enough? Well, before this article, I would have said, anything over 128Mb. We'll see if that's my opinion at the end, although I do recommend instead of skipping to the end, you read what I have to say, because there's some twists to this article that might interest you.

    If you are not sure on which DDR SDRAM Memory to select, please use our memory scanner to find the exact ram or contact our Live Support for help.

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DDR3 is the next-generation, high-performance solution for CPU systems. DDR3 memory are twice as fast as today's highest speed DDR2 memory products. Select your DDR3 Memory from the following.

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4GB DDR3 1066MHz PC3-8500 240PIN Desktop Memory DIMM

4GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 240PIN Desktop Memory DIMM

4GB DDR3 1333MHz PC3-10666 240PIN ECC Server Memory DIMM


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