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    How to install computer memory RAM?

    Fitting a DIMM RAM  module

    View of a DIMM slot showing the notches that must match those on a DIMM module

    128MB DDR RAM module showing its single notch

    Installing the DIMM modules (that have been used in all new computers for several years) is merely a matter of pushing the module directly down into the DIMM slot as shown in the diagram below. Note that the notche(s) along the connector edge of the module must match the divisions in the slot. Depending on its architecture, there will always be at least one notch in a RAM module, but never more than two. The SDRAM module below has two notches, but a DDR DIMM module (below that) will only have one, and a RIMM module (used only in motherboards designed for Pentium 4 processors) has two closely-spaced notches.

    Note that you should consult the motherboard's manual to find out if the slots have to be filled in an order of rank. Some motherboards require that Bank 0 be filled first, followed by Bank 1 and 2, etc., while some motherboards allow any bank to be filled.

  • Turn off the computer, unplug it, and take off the case cover.
  • Locate the memory slots.
  • Remove the old memory (if applicable). This will entail loosening the little retainer springs on each end of the memory socket until the memory stick can be removed.
  • Install the RAM. To do this, first locate the little notch on the pin-side of the module. This notch will line up with a notch on the memory socket itself, to ensure proper alignment. Position the module over the slot at a 45-degree angle with the module pins in the slot. Gently rotate the SIMM until it is in an upright position. When it is in an upright position, the retainer springs will snap into place and secure the SIMM.
  • Repeat previous step for all remaining SIMMs you wish to install.
  • Test it. Before you put your case back on, power on your system and make sure it correctly tallies the RAM.
  • Close up the case.
  • Not sure on which DDR SDRAM Memory to select? please use our memory scanner to find the exact ram or contact our Live Support for help.

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